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this morning the sun has come out again, though with big lazy, hazy clouds threatening to shield the sun. today is saturday. the talk of sydney's puppies and who they will go to (me?) has gotten more important as her belly has grown. it's now looking like it will burst with puppies, though probably not until we are in guatemala.
she lays at your feet, so excited when you will scratch the spots she can't reach.

today we go back to the Equus....

you can see the views, which are everywhere. they sky expansive. it's beautiful. Also note the jumps, big, exciting looking, but wait, no walls, no rolltops, no coups, no planks.... kindda boring. and this was supposed to be set for the meter ten class, and most of the jumps look about a meter (the class I'll be doing in Guatemala), with maybe one or two exceptions. 

Anyway, it will be nice to go with the kids and watch the courses.

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