end of march

here we are. it is about to become april, but here is march.
a whole slew of new and interesting changes has come about at work.... we are searching for a new full time horsey person, we just got in not one, but two new horses on trial, we are going to pick up, and keep till may a horse from ireland who is to be missy's next advanced horse: an upper level prospect, and she wants him kept in owrk. now this means two things. a. we will have a horse in full work while all the others are on vacation, and two... jen does not do young, nor crazy... and this horse is both, and coming straight from Ireland, which ensures the crazy bit.

Also.  its time for bed, and my brain is mush, and i probably shouldnt have written anything because of before mentioned brain mushiness.. oivey.



here it is. and it rains. would we expect anything more or less? atleast there are things growing in my garden: chives, sage, and hopefully the little seeds are starting to stir. i just cant wait to be able to make my dinner from the back yard.


feet in the sun

Another day in Paradise. (i believe this is how all the writings on the wall begin up on Watson Pond. ) Wonder Vu IS paradise, and so is this. Even though I escaped the worst of the storms this winter, working outside has left me a little weary and dried up... just the energy to move inside all the layers makes it that much more delightful to simply pull on my swim suit and shorts in the morning, and go for a stroll outside in the healing sun.

We came for my mom, and she is more active than i have seen her in months. Swinging on the swing under the almond tree, swimming in the ocean, ding yoga in the sun. walks on the beach.

Its good for all of us though. my dad has finally relaxed. (it only took four days that seemed like years each)
My sister, well, she is getting a much needed break from being the sole child at home.

and helen, is basking. soaking in the sun.

as for me.... i cant wait to get back to ride, but the sun, it just feels so good. i forgot what it was like to work up a sweat, and then not feel the chill seeping into the bones not five minutes later on the walk back to the barn from the arena.

but i will be excited to start up rooney's training again, the big red boy who never fails to trot over to the gate when he sees me headed his way.

but for the moment, i am happy to look out over the edge of the porch, and see my dad stretched out in a lounge chair (something i have never seen in my life) watching my mom scour the beach for treasures, her grasshopper like limbs folding up when she brings her nose closer to the sand for an inspection of that colorful shell or interestingly new plant specimen.


vacation times

jamaica. 3.7.2011

in front of me there is a very well groomed almond tree, not in season, trimmed just enough so that one sitting on the porch with their feet up (as I am) can see the horizon line. to my left and right extend the porch, made from poured polished cement, painted and adorned with tile floor and covered with a wood latice ceiling... sheilding us from the ambient rain that falls "on the left side of the road while the right side is dry". the lapping of the ocean on the beach is incessent, as is the ambient noice of the main throughway.... read busy two lane road.... with kids hollering, dogs yipping and high pitched car horns sounding from the wrong side of the road.

we have been sitting on the porch, as the sun has been setting to the left just beyond the huge beach-growing gnarly trees, the clouds growing like time lapse photography into moutains with snow capped peaks, hovering what looks like inches above the ocean.

a dozen yards out into the water, small heron like birds with wingtips grazing the water search for dinner. the long legged blueish grey one that has been spending early morning and late evening with us, having found its meal in the low tide exposed rocky coral reaf, has gone home for the night.

so far this has been a little piece of pardise. the vivid colors i never thought could be real, the private beach, the comfort food cooked by a native jamaican....