So. I am extremely lucky to have some of the most amazing people in my life. And really, I do not mean for this to be a "hey look how awesome/lucky/privileged I am" kind of comment, but really, i am all of those things. I have been blessed to have two incredibly loving parents who are comprehensively supportive, loving, and simultaneously two of the coolest adults I have ever met.

my father is an extremely accomplished photographer, lecturer and teacher. and of course, in my opinion, his most beautiful work is his woods series. few of which have seen the world outside of his darkroom and then those orange boxes that line the walls of their barn. he has an unparalleled eye. though i might be a little partial.


my mother is an encyclopedia of herbal information. Latin names, classifications, native uses, common uses, historic European uses. anecdotes from texts written in the 17th century, anecdotes from lectures, classes, and herb walks from every herbalist who has crossed paths with her. not to mention she has always kept our family healthy and happy with her vast medicine cabinet made of mostly homemade remedies.


they are SO cool.


summer adventures.

it's a sunday, my day off. and im sitting in my room, listening to the head and the heart.... thinking of things to put on my to do list for this weekend.
my mom is coming into town to visit.
the to do list looks like this:
-eat lunch
-go to the super thrift and root around for hidden treasures
-work on her blog so she can feel comfortable documenting her encyclopedic knowledge of the plant world.

it's going to be nice. we havent visited in a while, and sometimes its nice to just spend time together.
(a yippee dog is going nuts out side of my window. reason 100 not to have a dog)

the summer has been full of adventures thus far, and i've been lax about writing, mostly because i've been doing so many fun things. what a terrible terrible life.

i went to TWO (event) horse camps... and we did lots of fun stuff

my super glamorous mom watching x-country

camp #2. thats me. im practicing my drop position!

leaping out of the water.

and killin the stadium course

lemony tea on the 4th of july

bfast in my garden

beautiful okra flower
And here i am.... i just took this last one this morning after i ate that yummy breakfast of happy-chicken's eggs, beets i pulled from the ground with my own hands, and fried tomatoes from the csa. yumyumyum.