Worker bees

This so fun! I think I've found myself a new hobby



My mom made a super tasty batch of cranberry daqueries . Yumyum

And this is my.... Dunddudun.... Chocolate orange vodka w vanilla bean and clove. Yum!


Barn sale

My parents have an annual barn sale where my mom sells her herbal wares and my dad puts together an impressive array of his photos and books. Paired with some hot cider and tasty finger food, its guaranteed to be a good Sunday!


..when its cold outside

ive been working on holiday presents!
They are most appropriate for solstice... But most will see them for xmas.

Listening to bon iver, how sweet he sings.



august is busy busy busy. the horses are getting into full swing and they started the hunt season early with informal cubbing, which only adds to our already hectic schedule. in addition, for h's bday we went camping with friends in rohoboth beach, super fun, and then i went with the goldblatt family to cape may for a long weekend. relaxation for three straight days. that is seriously hard to come by.

this weekend, the last bit of traveling i am doing until october, is a trip up to new hampshire for the womens herbal conference. there i am going to have to be careful to stay in shape, keep track of my mom, and of course.... enjoy the energy of 500+ women all in one place! how amazing!

really. over 500. all there to learn about plants and energies and healing and teaching. my mom said "i hope it feels like you are coming home" and as i have been going on and off since i was a kid, i certainly think it will. I am so excited to be going as an adult, and with my mom who is teaching this year.


im actually really excited!



So. I am extremely lucky to have some of the most amazing people in my life. And really, I do not mean for this to be a "hey look how awesome/lucky/privileged I am" kind of comment, but really, i am all of those things. I have been blessed to have two incredibly loving parents who are comprehensively supportive, loving, and simultaneously two of the coolest adults I have ever met.

my father is an extremely accomplished photographer, lecturer and teacher. and of course, in my opinion, his most beautiful work is his woods series. few of which have seen the world outside of his darkroom and then those orange boxes that line the walls of their barn. he has an unparalleled eye. though i might be a little partial.


my mother is an encyclopedia of herbal information. Latin names, classifications, native uses, common uses, historic European uses. anecdotes from texts written in the 17th century, anecdotes from lectures, classes, and herb walks from every herbalist who has crossed paths with her. not to mention she has always kept our family healthy and happy with her vast medicine cabinet made of mostly homemade remedies.


they are SO cool.