holy bologna!

Ok. So. if you go back to a post i made in august.... -dreams are made of these-.... and if you look at the last photo... The glass fronted house with the porch over the water is where we spent last weekend, or rather, two weekends ago? I had no idea i had been coveting this aesthetic before traveling to this place. And let me tell you, it was just as magical of a weekend as the picture would leave you to believe you would have there.

Our two bosom buddies got hitched on the lawn and we were afforded the privileged of staying in the house. our room was beautiful, sparse, and perfect. there are sparkling, gorgeous, love exuding photos from that weekend, and a few priceless videos, which happen to be on h's phone and not in my possession.

But, you can close your eyes and imagine.
GASP! a picture of us!

projects in photos.

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I have been working on yummy things. The first is an esspresso balsamic fig preserve. The second is a bottling of numerous infused liquors. Yum. Although i am not a big drinker, the process and the magic that happens is so fun. Not to mention they are really fun to show off in cocktails!

I made a mint strawberry vodka. A thyme gin, a lemon verbena and coriander gin. A lemon basil vodka and two jalapeno tequilas. One with roasted jalapenos the other with lime. All lightly sweetened.

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