why is i that when the next day is full to the brim and required restedness and readiness, sleep is fleeting and restless. I woke at 5 after a fitfull night of sleep. today... (ug) looking at horses, barn work, then, I close the restaurant. (smiling happy people until 2am.) perhaps i can fit in a nap inbetween all this running around.

the good news... this weekend is my birthday weekend. and i have off. and i get to spend it with my favorite.


Today is hot, sunny, and i am finding it hard to motivate myself out of the house. and step at a time. i slept through two alarms, and the hussle and bustle of h getting ready for work. and here i am, procrastinating, even though i know that it is only getting hotter out and i really would like to /  should ride today. Old man eli needs his legs stretched. maybe i'll go on a trail ride.... if only i knew the trails in the park. (luckily i know that no matter where we end up, eli would beable to take us straight home, with no issue.)

he is quite charming in a disgruntled kind of a way. listening? scheming? grumpy? who knows.... my best bet is usualy a combination of all three.
which is why i ike him so much.

and here..... off i go to give him my apple core.



today... is warm, but not hot, a little damp in the air. rain falling ever so softly on the tree outside my bedroom window.
I slowly woke up this morning, snuggled on all sides by cute kitten, all shade of browns and blacks, mirroring the outdoors.

my plans for today: drink coffee, clean the bathroom, and sew all my clothes that have been piling up. I feel the need for a newly improved wardrobe since it is spring. Yesterday was filled with going to the market to fill the pantry, replacing the ever vanishing-act playing water glasses (from the thrift store) and a few guilty pleasure purchases for myself from the thrift as well.

the house is coming along, we have pictures on the walls, paint on some of them... and the powder room is evolving like a snail trying to cross the atlantic. oi.

after a busy busy last three weeks, I am super excited for the rain... it canceled all of my plans to drive four plus hours looking at horses. At first it was frustrating, and then, a gift. she sure does work in mysterious ways.

maybe this weekend I will tear the town down with a good friend from work....



i want a horse. i'm looking to buy a horse. it is such a time consuming thing.... i don't remember the last time had a few minutes of this.... down time. oh wait, i need to leave for work two minutes ago.