lately i have been getting loads of the biggest most beautiful eggs in the entire world from work. the chickens seem to be happy the weather is warming up... aren't we all.

i took these last week, my first quiche attempt in quite a while... and as usual, decided to only loosely follow a recipe, and it was a little dense, and took forever to cook through. But. It was completely worth it.

i have since made another, far more successful quiche, however the photos were not quite as beautiful.

this change in weather has made the birds suddenly start singing so furiously. the mornings at work are hardly filled with radio music for the birds who have set up shp in the two big trees right out front of the barn. i dont think the situaton is helped by the fact that they are mocking birds and are forever amusing themselves with new songs to sing, one on top of the other, with no semblence of reason.

but i really do enjoy them.

our goat had her kid. one of the cutest baby animals i have ever seen. honestly. and such a little doll. he asks like a puppy. leaping about while momma hangs out the audience, giving kisses. (but beware, she has been known to drink her baby's pee. Yuck. i found this out just a little too late the first day we spent outside with them.)

anyway, the windows are open, and the breeze feels like satin on my skin. skin newly adorned with frayed wires and latin words. yum. a pretty nice day off if i do say so myself. this week is sure to be a long one.... every night having something planned, and i am already looking forward to friday, to sit an relax and hopefully go to bed in a bedroom with a completed ceiling. (fingers crossed)

time for sleep before a big day at work tomorrow.
hasta noche