With the spring, I have actually been doing pretty well with my array of activities and pursuits, it seems i will actually get a horse about when i want one, and i have been riding like crazy, and i have a horse show in two weeks. (it's little but it will be super fun.) I am entering in the highest jumping class they have, with my fingers crossed that eli doesn't decide to be a jerk in the ring. (i think we will be fine)

I am going to take a lesson with a new person on tuesday, who seems to deal in higher end horses and clients, i guess we will see where that goes.

but basicicy i have been burning the candle at both ends, riding one or two horses a day, doing a barn's worth of stalls and coming home only to go to the restaurant for my night shifts. not to mention i've been trying to keep up with yoga and friends. so thing have been chaotic to say the least.

the spring is keeping me on the move, that and breakfast made for me every morning... starting my day right and early (7:00)

I only hope that I can keep this up for a while, because it is quite fufilling although perhaps a little taxing. if it were not for my tuesdays completely off, and an easy saturday.....

well. here i go to yoga.


the spring equinox's terrible twins

sometime last week, after the equinox and before today, twins emerged from the bowls of this house... a force to be reckoned with, no doubt. the sun brought them out of the hole and now we can not get enough of this vitamin D mixed with various drinks, windows open, music drifting on the spring breeze... out of tune voices singing along to the melody, lyrics proclaimed, not particularly known.

this summer is going to be a great one, perhaps the best of all time.
the greatest mash-up of yoga, horses, sunny beach time, unbearably delicious friend times and the occasional work shift.

we shall see. we shall see.