for drawers. mmmm

reclaimed wood as kitchen cabinetry. i would never pass it up. though i would love wide plank floors, or slabs of stone, though cold in the winter... cool and smooth on the feet

this would make for a fine wall in an old farmhouse. original floor. thick walls. view of the whole farm. yes please.


there are few things in this world i need. there are many i want... and for a long time in my life i just thought i liked most things super weird. but as i get older, my sense of who i am has been evolving. with that is my sense of style, aesthetics, and how the world around me effects how productive i am / how i go about.... writing, drawing. creating.

for one.... i need a space. i know i need a space... to stretch both body and mind. symbols of  the spiritual side are comforting. focusing agents. a door to close. melodies to transport.

and there are these visions of what i want to create in my dreamland farm/farmhouse. 

right now.... i can only dream.

what and who and wear

  all i want playing on the record player is bluegrass and old folky country. voices crooning, banjos twanging and the fiddle dancing. i want to live in my jeans and tall boots. old worn clothes soft in all the right places. weathered skin, taught across my body... from hours and hours of working my farm and riding the horses. 

i want to have chores and an open space that is mine.... with the possibility of emptiness or fullness. of plenty to do, and also time to explore all the things i havent had time to do yet.
the romantic in me wants to rise with sun. sit, after it falls with a drink rattling in hand, in a rocker or on the porch steps. a dog one one side a cat on the other. listening to the night creatures. more stars than i have seen thus far in my life stretching above me about to fall on my head.

i dont mind a hard life. i almost want it more. to grow alot of my own food. to go to sleep exhausted each night. wiped out, but happier than most can ever dream of.

i want these things to be the norm.

right now i love what i do. but there is more. this is just part of my path. the future gets closer and further away everyday. closer as i know it will happen. farther as each day is worth living instead of ignoring....


things i want to make

... or have made for me....

i think this is a beautiful, simple way to hold jewlwery, not that i have much, but itd be nice.... maybe with a pin or two to hang partiularly beautiful things on.

i also want to make lights out of mason jars.

and a few stools/small tables out of raw branches / tree bits.

thats all for now.. OH! just kidding. I also want to make some fun boxes to showcase my cool little knicknacks that are dumb if just placed around the house. the boxes will go on the wall.... maybe i can convince helen to make me some cool things, with sliding doors, or cool old hardware.