for drawers. mmmm

reclaimed wood as kitchen cabinetry. i would never pass it up. though i would love wide plank floors, or slabs of stone, though cold in the winter... cool and smooth on the feet

this would make for a fine wall in an old farmhouse. original floor. thick walls. view of the whole farm. yes please.


there are few things in this world i need. there are many i want... and for a long time in my life i just thought i liked most things super weird. but as i get older, my sense of who i am has been evolving. with that is my sense of style, aesthetics, and how the world around me effects how productive i am / how i go about.... writing, drawing. creating.

for one.... i need a space. i know i need a space... to stretch both body and mind. symbols of  the spiritual side are comforting. focusing agents. a door to close. melodies to transport.

and there are these visions of what i want to create in my dreamland farm/farmhouse. 

right now.... i can only dream.

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