I started making art again. In a different way than i ever have before. I've been making shirts....

Hand painted with left over paint from my screen printing class, and i'm selling them. Ok ok. everyone makes shirts and sells them. first of all, i'm excited cause they look awesome! and secondly and thirdly, they are on thrift store shirts from a store that supports the less advantaged in the community, my community, and the money i make is going to go directly to Courtesy Stables. Which is where I keep my horse. Wait, speaking of horses, check out this one....

I'm a little bit proud of them. And each one gets better and better. Anyway, I'm asking $20 for each, with uber-super-customizable options.... I can get any size shirts, basically any color or style, or fun dress or anything, really. (would make great presents for, well, just about anyone.) I could also make a tote bag, or a wallet, or a head scarf or bandana.... think about it!

and check back for more photos and a real website for them.

If you are interested, let me know... I'm having a blast painting them, and Courtesy could really use some new stall walls, new footing for the turnouts, and most of all a roof for the arena.



bird flu

found this on my computer..... c. david graham.
hope you get a chuckle too.