A good day

Today is what I would consider a good day. upon waking I took my dog for a nice long walk. (Here I must add that said dog pooped four, count em, FOUR times). We walked down to the new tea place and I picked up some detox tea, which I am always in the market for new blends of.

Came home, made some breakfast, did some work for school and then promptly set to tearing the house apart.

It feels sooooo good to clean the shit out of the house. Rearranging everything and moving things so it's less clutter-y. Mmm. Mm. And I did a million loads of laundry.

Everything that hasn't gotten done in so long around here. Though you know.... There are four of us in this house.... Hint hint wink wink little cleaning gnomes of the world.

Today I turned the corner. I am committed. I am going to change my life the ways I have always been saying I would. Taking a permanent break from sugar and a temporary, cleansing break from alcohol. Now. This may seem silly. Geez dory! You already don't eat gluten and therefore most things don't have gluten in them! However. I have a serious sugar addiction. I have been known to keep chocolate in the freezer and grab a small handful every time I go in the kitchen.

That's not good. Well, not so bad when you work six days a week and really don't spend much time at home, but now that I am home so much more, I go in the kitchen a thousand times a day. No bueno.

So that is going to be a seriously hard task to undertake. The alcohol will be much easier, and it goes along the same vein, cause how much sugar is in alcohol or alcoholic drinks, so yes.

cheers to a new day, a new direction and the impending doom of a cold cold winter. (I am clinking your glass, mine is filled with pineapple juice mixed with a couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar of course!)