So. we went to the Equus, and as i wait for joanne to come back so we can go get coffee and presents to bring home from the market, i thought i would sit back down and write a bit.

I've been keeping another journal, more private thoughts, the questions and answers, writing down the things i've learned.... it's keeping me sane. Though let me tell you, the girls have reached an insane level of excitement, I mean I am excited, but they get to miss school! And play with ponies and other kids for a week. On the way to and from the Equus, the girls were singing, or screaming rather, songs in spanish and just generally being excited and only a little obnoxious. All seven of them, six girls and the little boy who is in their riding class on saturdays, smooshed into the back seat of Beth's truck, and then three of us longer legged folks up front.

I'm glad there will be more of them this year and some parents so I only have to do the horsey part of it. Love them, but not all the time... it's why i don't have kids! (everyone else in the neighborhood our age does ya know)

Tangent done.
I can feel the heat still on my face and arms, a little sun today. my skin is happier breathing. though i think it's time again for serious sun screen. no more even tiny burns. though the sun has retreated behind darkening clouds, and the wind is bringing them closer. I assume it will rain again. Here it rains like it's been holding it back, and just can't any longer. short and furious.

coconuts of some kind in the pool after the last impish rain.

and Odalys (who is going to guatemala) and the son of one of the men who works at the barn. I think his name is mario something-or-other. oh how bad i am at names.  and of course, the pony's name is tick tac.

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