here we go again

In two weeks, i head to Ocala Florida for work. Driving the big white trailer with six horses and three weeks worth of equipment and supplies. two weeks in florida followed by a week or so in Aiken South Carolina for hunt week.

and of course, I will be taking my computer with me, to write, stay connected, and share my camera's view on everything we do down there, from lessons with Karen OConner and Missy Ransehousen, to clubbing with Jen, Missy and the girls, yoga in the barn after hours (hopefully) to hunting with The Boss. I also hope we sneek in some sight seeing as well and some documentation of how incredible we become at riding after two + weeks of boot camp.

I am seriously excited..... excited for the 24/7 horsey time, excited for hunting for coyote in florida: fast and furious, and for soaking up as much as possible. I cant imagine a better opportunity....

I mean, of course I will be seriously missing my feline companions as well as my favorite H, and keeping with the fam from afar is always a little harder..... but it will be super fun, hard work, and oiy, what an opportunity.

cant wait to put up some photos....

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