scattered brains

yesterday was the first cold, rainy, grey tinged day. today, it's continued. and here i lay under three quilts, a blanket and sheet, icy finger-tipped and wishing the 60 degree days would come back for a little longer... i mean, i know the cold snap means the most beautiful fall is yet to come, the colors sudden and vivid, but at this moment, i wish i was on a horse, with the fall happening around me, not a cloud above me.

but another reality is today, so uploading photos will satisfy my wandering mind, filling my computer with the colors of central america... speaking of which, after an email received, the overwhelming feeling that i'm not doing what i'm supposed to be doingright now knocked me over. and i have to wait for january to go here:

and really. I can't wait.

brains.... sometimes i have a hard time focusing on just one things until it is solved, or brought to fruition. i blame it on my birth day. so, speaking of which, something else that has been moving among the gears and cranks in my skull is a concept that i'm having a hard time wraping my brains around: how to define space with light. OR how to create space with light.
there is this really incredible artist, james turrell (who has the most incredible beard, buy the way) who, in his early work, created the illusion of three dimensional shapes by casting light from a projector on the ceiling. incredible. (look him up)

and so for this project i've been thinking on, is all about space, about  creating space that elicits a feeling. but, i would rather create a fake space, or something that really is no space at all, but seems that it is, and challenge the viewer in that way. but doing that is harder than just building a boring room, or hood to put over your head, or a mask of some sort.


on a totally unrelated note, i would like to share a little glimpse of the most beautiful place on earth...just sayin'

fall colored reeds.

the tastiest water i've ever put in my mouth.

and a puppy i adopted for an afternoon.

night at the camp. (you can't hear nearly that much life here in the city)
rocker on the dock, a hot toddie in one hand, the other holding onto the chair, lest i fall into the stars, or the lake.

even just thinking about all the beauty and vibrancy of the woods, well, it makes me want to pack up my car with all my things and go for a spell.
and when that spell breaks, i'll come back and share of what they've taught me with those who wish to know.

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