well. it's true. we are all inspire by things we take in the just the blink of an eye. whether they be things we would never want, want to do, or find totally fulfilling in that split second we behold.

today, for me, the moments are swirling. i am dog sitting, and today we went on a beautiful walk. actually, it was a hike. the thing about taking an animal out for a walk by yourself is so different than being in the company of other people, there is no talking, just silent communication. you have committed to walking. to going slow, seeing the surroundings, hearing, smelling, tasting.... being present. we were out for over an hour, up and down and sideways, on the trail, on forbidden drive, where bikers and runners and power walkers are in such a hurry to get their exercise in, forgetting it is one of the most beautiful paths, no cars, no motorized vehicles. and then back by ourselves, up through the woods and into expansive meadows.

the smells are different, the sun feels different, the humidity is different. you can breathe easier. i always forget why i love being outdoors so much more than indoors.... and in the middle of the woods or a natural expanse... there is more oxygen, you litterally can breathe better, freer, and it feels so good coursing through your body.

this weekend was wonderful as well, sunday h and i went to adamstown, the self proclaimed antique capitol of the world. and, well, i would have to agree that percapita they definitely win.
there were so many beautiful old hand crafted pieces, worn, loved, well cared for and probably out living their original owners.

the old beauty, the landscape of hilly middle pennsylvania.

the taste of yummy food,

mmm. a generally yummy beginning to my week.
(of which i wish i had more pictures, but sometimes i get causght up in the moment, and live it a little and forget to take photos. whoops)

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