early summer...

... means yummy juicy strawberries and the intense desire for peaces and strawberry rhubarb pie.

I'm despritely hoping my sister can come with me and we can pick strawberries and make something yummy, and then eat it all together this afternoon, taking pictures so everyone will know by our faces how yummy it was, but..... wait. that might be mean.

hmm. this weekend h. and i went to a wedding with her whole family.

also, i should point out that we are watching the flyers in the stanley cup right now.... well, she is watching and i am listening to her commentary. we are down, and h gasps, "oh, and with precious moments....."

oh she's so lovely.

Anyway. the weeding was lovely, we looked a smashing family extension. but what was on my mind foremost (much to my and h's chagrin) was the new addition to our house!

basicly he is so sane for being a rescued thoroughbred, and he is irrodescent when the sun hits him. though he's already lost a shoe and so the vetting has had to be pushed back. he's a looker, for sure, and totally sweet and sane. i hope solid and sound as an investment too. we will see i suppose.
rooney. a star?

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