what do you see

when i look at you i sometimes catch a glimpse of the future, the lines on your forehead, the crinkles on either side of your eyes. The years look good, your skin a little more weathered from the wind and your eyes just as shining.
i sometimes wonder if you catch me gazing at you, a small smile on my face. i see love and wonder and so much passion. i see what i can only describe of as home, the most warm and comforting place i can imagine. i see a man who is radiant with so much life it shines out of his beard. i see intense care and tenderness, i see strength and control and loyalty to the end. i see a man whom i love and appreciate more and more with every passing day. i see a man who i trust with my life. i see someone who has their heart in the right place, and will do everything and anything for someone he loves, and will go to the utmost extremes for a stranger in need. i see someone i want to build a life with, someone whos arms are the ones i want around me at every opportunity, and whos eyes i hope to gaze into for a long time to come. i see a youthful love for life and adventure, daring and risk taking that will be there the rest of his life. i see someone who i love to pester, to play with, to tease and to love. i see the most attractive person i have ever met.
it is rare to come across someone who is honestly themselves and unapologetically so.

i sometimes want to ask you what you see when you look at me. in the morning light, in the soft glow of our candle lit dinners, across the console of your truck. what do your eyes capture that mine do not, do you see me through rose colored glasses? do you see me blemishes and scars and wildly a mess and all?

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